Rich and Powerful Family Love Song: Cool President on the Bar (End)

It's not that I don't want to forget, but I can't forget. She has transformed into an elegant and virtuous woman, in her body, he can hardly find the once familiar breath.

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It's not that I don't want to forget, but I can't forget. She has transformed into an elegant and virtuous woman, in her body, he can hardly find the once familiar breath. Original Not only has he changed, but she has also changed. Mom! This uncle is holding your solid gold badge and won't give it back to me. Mu Xiyan took the lead in breaking the silence. Yi Xiaofei stared at the man with a cold expression in front of him. He had not seen him for six years. He was no longer the unrestrained man he used to be. The years had carved traces on his face, giving him a more mature atmosphere. Miss, chagrin, love.. All kinds of complicated feelings were mixed in his dark brown eyes. Chapter 48 Ten Years (3) [Finale] "Long time no see." Ouyang Wenrui slightly hooked his lips and greeted Yi Xiaofei with a light smile. Wen Rui. You went back to your country? "No, just come back to take care of some personal business." He shook his head basking in the sun. You and Ouyang Qian. How are you? "We have a good life." Ouyang Wenrui slanted his head and smiled. He took her hand and put the pure gold badge into her hand. Why haven't you been heard from for six years? I've been very busy.. So I haven't contacted you. Ouyang Wenrui chuckled and pulled his hair. "A lot of things have happened in the past six years. Old man Ouyang died suddenly because of scheming. Han Yan disappeared after a car accident. Qian looked for her everywhere. So I took over the position of president of Xuyang and managed the company for Qian. After six years, I will soon become the second Mu Yiwei." He spoke lightly about the past, as if he were telling someone else's story in a flat tone. Yi Xiaofei opened her mouth, she had a lot of questions in her heart to ask him, but when she met,cosmetic plastic tube, she couldn't think of what to say, "Wen Rui." Do you intend to live abroad for the rest of your life? "Well, old man Ouyang did a lot of bad things and offended a lot of people. We won't go back to China for the time being." He lowered his eyes disappointedly, and his thick eyelashes cast a shadow on his eyes. Qu Yao that child. Are you going to get back at you? This matter obviously has nothing to do with you. Fan Wenrui shrugged his shoulders with a light smile. "Old man Ouyang has done something too much. It's normal for him to hate us. I hope he can let it go in the future. I believe time can dilute everything." He asked himself in his heart, really? Maybe. I am relieved to see that you are very happy. After a deep gaze at her, he suddenly stepped back,plastic packing tube, turned his head to look at the wall outside the garden, and said lightly, "I'm leaving. I'll see you when I have a chance." Yi Xiaofei shouted at Ouyang Wenrui's back: "Wenrui!"! If you need help, you can contact us at any time. Ouyang Wenrui looked back with an indifferent smile and looked at her across the flowers. He waved goodbye to her, and the moment he turned around, he quickly gathered all his emotions, regained his cold expression, and walked quickly to the door. Sitting in the car already waiting at the door, he looked sideways at the garden, pump tube ,plastic laminated tube, and her thin figure almost melted into the night, hazy and unreal. He raised his hand to his head and said in a dumb voice, "Drive." A tear slipped quietly through his fingers on his trousers. Meeting Fei is not only the happiest thing in his life, but also the saddest thing in his life. Yi Xiaofei stood quietly in the same place until the car disappeared in sight, and she sighed disappointedly. Fei, Xi Yan. Mu Yiwei's gentle voice sounded out of the blue behind them. Mu Xiyan immediately broke away from Yi Xiaofei's hand and ran to Mu Yiwei, "Dad, there was a bad uncle just now, scaring me.." With that, she grabbed Mu Yiwei and asked him to pick her up, bending over and talking in his ear about what had just happened. Yi Xiaofei pinched the pure gold badge in her hand and looked sideways at Mu Yiwei and said, "I just saw Wen Rui.". There was no scar on his face, how to say. I always felt a little sad. I just saw him and he left in a hurry. With a sigh, Mu Yiwei put down Mu Xiyan, who refused to come down in his arms, and coaxed her daughter in a low voice to let her play by herself first. After seeing Mu Xiyan run to Qianqiu and sit down, he reached out to hold Yi Xiaofei's hand, took her to the flowers, reached out to hold her in his arms, and said in a hoarse voice: "Fei, in fact, there is something I haven't told you.." Six years ago, Wen Rui didn't lose his memory. He lied to you because he didn't want you to feel guilty. Yi Xiaofei closed her eyes and listened to his steady heartbeat. It took her a long time to say lightly: "I know that the day before he left Ouyang Qian, what he said made me immediately realize that he did not lose his memory, but he was reluctant to admit it.." Mu Yiwei said in a low voice: "I hope he can be happy." Yi Xiaofei buried her head deeply in Mu Yiwei's arms, "Yiwei, I owe him after all." Mu Yiwei didn't say anything more. He knew that Wen Rui must still be in love with Fei at the moment. With a sigh, he quietly changed the subject: "Fei, how many years have we known each other?" "Ten years." "I'm glad God let me meet you, in the ten years of acquaintance, too many things have happened between us." I'm glad that I was able to see you again on the Aegean island of Santorini six years ago. "So am I." She smiled and slanted her head into the memory. Vaguely remember that on the beach of the Aegean Sea, she met a lovely little girl like an angel. After she returned home and became pregnant,empty lotion tubes, she had been praying that God would give her a lovely daughter like an angel. As a result, her daughter was really lovely like an angel in appearance, but she was as clever and strange as a devil in character.