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It sent out a roar like a dragon singing in the abyss to the rain field. At the beginning, it could only be heard.

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It sent out a roar like a dragon singing in the abyss to the rain field. At the beginning, it could only be heard. It immediately turned into an amazing roar like a storm and a gale. At the same time, it rotated to the rain field. The nostalgic sword turned into a beam of light that burned itself and lost its entity. At this moment when the actual situation was hard to distinguish, the light left the body, carrying the cold strength that made people feel like entering the ice cellar, and hit the swallow flying across the sky. The swallow flies a sword to split out, the butterfly loves the flower in the middle to recall the sharp point of the ancient sword. "Ding!" Mars burst out. The two men retreated like an electric shock, and they were evenly matched, and no one could take advantage of them. Xiang Yutian retreated three feet away, but Jian Feng still pointed at Yan Fei and shouted, "If there is any other choice, I, Xiang Yutian, absolutely do not want to fight for life and death with Brother Yan. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, only one of us can leave alive tonight.". If it was me, Xiang Yutian, who had won, I would have buried brother Yan well. Brother Yan felt a feeling in his heart. On the surface, although Xiang Yutian seems to have become a ruthless enemy, in fact, he still retains a little bit of wisdom. These words are said to Wan Ming Yao, afraid that after the death of Yan Fei, Wan Ming Yao will maim the body of Yan Fei. Another idea took over his Civic at the same time. Xiang Yutian is a very smart person, will not do aimless stupid things, he said these words,foldable bulk container, is sure to be able to pass on to the ears of Wan Yu Mingyao, so he should be sensing Wan Yu Mingyao, why do they feel nothing? Yan Fei knew in his heart that under the threat of death, his spirit was greatly affected, so that he could not reach the ultimate state of the unity of Yin and Yang. At this time, he was no longer allowed to be distracted, and there was another change to Yutian, and it was the most bizarre and shocking change, showing the strangeness of the demon seed. The visible parts of Xiang Yutian's body,plastic bulk containers, such as his head, face and hands, were suddenly red and white, constantly changing, and the speed of change was constantly accelerating. In the end, they seemed to be flashing red and white rapidly. The situation made people feel cold from the bottom of their hearts. Yan Fei knew that he was performing the overbearing skill to stimulate the potential of the Demon Seed, so that Wan Yu and Ming Yao could be more convinced that they were fighting a life-and-death battle, and that the moment of victory and defeat could happen earlier, so that they did not have to fight hard. Xiang Yutian can only rely on this special skill to have the ability to attack Yan Fei by surprise and mourn Yan Fei. Xiang Yutian's sword spirit also changed. One by one, the strength of the sword surged up like heavy waves, and its power intensified, which was amazing. At this critical moment when the opponent was about to launch the most fierce offensive, Yan Fei's mind had to concentrate, and at this time, he finally sensed Wan Yu Ming Yao. As soon as Ming Yao's spirit was completely concentrated on him, although he could not grasp her position, he knew that she could not approach. When he came to his senses, he knew that what he had expected was correct. He wanted to attack him with Xiang Yutian and kill him personally, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic pallet bin, so as to achieve the ideal effect she hoped and destroy him and Xiang Yutian at one stroke. She has always been an unscrupulous person who wants to succeed, and this character has not changed. After fighting with Yan Fei last night, she judged that Xiang Yutian did not have the ability to kill him alone, so she made the decision to ignore whether Xiang Yutian agreed or not. Xiang Yutian killed him, or by Wan Yu Mingyao, as Xiang Yutian said, are two completely different things. What will be the consequences if he really dies or becomes a disabled person even if he is resurrected? Yan Fei trembled in his heart and dared not think any more, but he knew that there was a sense of timidity in his heart and that his spirit was lost. Under the traction of Qi, the Demon Seed, which was pushed to the peak state by Xiang Yutian, broke out like a storm, and Xiang Yutian's Nostalgia Sword turned into an empty point, which was sprinkled on Yan Fei. Yan Fei made a prompt decision, realizing that there was absolutely no place for fear or distracting thoughts at the moment. Even if he "died," he would have to die with great skill. Otherwise, if the meridians of his whole body were broken, his internal organs were broken, and his bones were broken, he would have to come back to life. Yan Fei's mind returned to one, and Jin entered the state of keeping the heart, which was glittering and translucent and exquisite in all directions. For a moment, both the enemy and ourselves were forgotten, and the Sun, Moon and Sky Dafa were launched with all their strength. The sound of the sword was heard. Xiang Yutian turned into a ghost without substance. The sword could attack the death threat from any angle and position. It attacked Yan Fei with a fierce attack of mercury pouring down the ground and no gap. Even if it had not been a case of "seeking death with one heart," in the face of the terrifying attack of Xiang Yutian, who shocked the world and wept for ghosts and gods, and in the absence of the ultimate swordsmanship of Xiao Sanhe, Yan Fei could only see his move and could not fight back for a while. The shore beside the Houwu Lake was filled with the sound of sword strikes and sword gas breaking through the air. In the snowy field with a radius of thirty feet, the snowflakes were blown up into the sky by the strength of the wind and rolled up into the starry sky. The storm and snowstorm happened because of two people. Yan Fei can not be distracted to think about other things, but also can not grasp the position of Wan Ming Yao, only know that if the situation goes on like this, the consequences are unimaginable. The problem is not Xiang Yutian, but Wan Mingyao, the beauty he once loved. Yan Fei blocked the rain field more than a hundred times after the sword hit, suddenly to display a unique technique, first with the pure Yin Qi to the rain field to break through the air to a sword, spin and rush the pure Yang Qi, hard to shake open the rain field. Xiang Yutian took two steps back, called out "good," regrouped, and came with a sword in his chest. After a lot of hard work, Yan Fei has finally found a gap that can determine success or failure, and whether he can "come back to life safely" still depends on the moment. Xiang Yutian had already thrown himself into the battle, and could no longer grasp the movements of Wan Mingyao, so he had to rely on himself. Death is indeed terrible, but he must accept it because it is the only choice. "Brother Xiang is at his wits' end," said Yan Fei with a smile. This sentence is not said to listen to Yutian, the goal is to wait for Mingyao, wake her up to start the time. The butterfly loves the flower lightning to strike, hits the most vigorous sword edge of the Nostalgia Sword. Both of them shook at the same time. He spurted a mouthful of blood into the rain field and threw it back like a broken kite. Yan Fei is not much better than him, eyes, ears, mouth and nose oozing blood, involuntarily fell back. "Crash!" The sound of the water suddenly rang, and as soon as Ming Yao catapulted from the water, she pointed her toes on a stone beside the shore and moved behind Yan Fei like lightning. Like a butterfly, she clapped her hands seven times in a row on the back of Yan Fei,plastic wheelie bins, who had lost his power. Xiang Yutian, who was still retreating, saw that his eyes were about to crack. "No!" He shouted. 。 cnplasticpallet.com