Malicious male partner wants to be whitewashed [wear quickly]

Siqi didn't know that the wind on the Internet had turned into a discussion about him. Anyway, he really couldn't pretend now.

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Siqi didn't know that the wind on the Internet had turned into a discussion about him. Anyway, he really couldn't pretend now. All his life's accomplishment was used up here. Looking at other people's compliments to Lin Zhaoyan, he just wanted to leave quickly. He thought he could see Lin Zhaoyan's joke, but he seemed to be a joke himself, a complete joke. Up to now, Siqi does not want to admit that he is not as good as Lin Zhaoyan, at least his professional ability is not enough to be praised by these top symphony experts, let alone communicate with each other. Lin Zhaoyan has gone to such an extent, how can he catch up?! At the end of the interview, Siqi lost her mind and left the scene. At this time, the other teams were almost scattered. Chien Chen also participated in the international symphony competition, but he was seated as an audience, and came for Siqi. He thought that in the symphony competition, as for Lin Zhaoyan, he had no expectations at the beginning like most people, and when he saw that only Lin Zhaoyan was on the list of instructors, he only felt that Lu Zhuoyan was dizzy this time. But the performance of the orchestra led by Lin Zhaoyan was so unexpected that it was completely unexpected. Chien Chen had to admit that the orchestra led by Lin Zhaoyan would undoubtedly win the first place. He felt a little uncomfortable and had some other emotions. In short, it was very complicated. He also watched the live video of the interview on the Internet. After watching it, his emotions were even more complicated. As if he had never known Lin Zhaoyan, the more Chien Chen thought about it,Self-closing Shower Valve, the more depressed he was. Could it be that the Lin Zhaoyan he knew before was all false? If he is so good, why is he so snobbish in front of him?! Now with Lu Zhuoyan, but will show all their good! Chien Chen can't wait to ask clearly, his heart is not unusual taste, but came to the backstage, but was first pulled by Siqi. Siqi thought Jane Chen was looking for him. Brother Chien Chen, are you worried about me? Siqi looked at Jane Chen's frowning brows and felt a little touched. Chien Chen is stupefied: "What?" Siqi lowered her face. "Aren't you looking for me?" "Siqi,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, I.." Jane Chen did not want to cheat Siqi, but also did not answer. Seeing Chien Chen like this, Siqi still had something he didn't understand. He sneered, "Don't tell me you're looking for Lin Zhaoyan." Chien Chen sighed: "Siqi, don't do this.." "Don't what?!" Siqi could not help raising her voice: "Are you regretting that Lin Zhaoyan has gained both fame and fortune now?" Jane Chen could not believe looking at Siqi, did not expect Siqi to say such words, after all, in his heart, Siqi has always been very self-restraint. Noticing Jane's look, Siqi took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. I'm sorry, brother Jane, I didn't mean to say that about you. Siqi bit her lip: "I'm really uncomfortable now. Can you accompany me? I saw Lin Zhaoyan and his band left just now. You can't find him even if you look for him now." See Siqi eyes are red, Jane Chen can only nod, and Siqi left together. Chapter 54 hit the face white moonlight 11. Because Siqi said he was in a bad mood and wanted Jane Chen to accompany him to drink, stainless steel shower tray ,Self-closing Faucet, Siqi took Jane Chen to the bar, which was the bar where Lin Zhaoyan stayed before. There are too many memories of Chien Chen and Lin Zhaoyan in this bar. Chien Chen looks at Siqi with a complicated look. He doesn't know whether Siqi's proposal to come here is intentional or not. It's just that he can't say anything, he can only pretend not to care. Wine came up, Siqi kept drinking, but also to keep pouring wine to Jane Chen, Jane Chen was in a bad mood, so one to two, not long to drink too much. The last memory was that Siqi came over and kissed him on the face. The next day, Jane Chen opened his eyes and felt that he was holding a person in his arms. He looked down and was startled, because the person in his arms was Siqi. At this time, Jane Chen's mind was blank, and Siqi woke up without waiting to react to anything. The two men were relatively speechless. Yesterday they were all drunk and had sex after drinking. Everyone is at fault, and no one is at fault. Chien Chen is in a complicated mood. He has always liked Siqi and thinks that he is pursuing Siqi unswervingly. But now that he has Siqi, he feels that there is no happy mood. It's not like this, it's not supposed to be like this.. Jane Chen's mind is upset, stiff to maintain the movement, do not know how to react. Then he heard a muffled sob. Brother Chien Chen, why don't you speak? Siqi's hoarse voice sounded from his arms, and a pair of hands climbed up Jane Chen's chest. Warm touch came, Jane Chen could not help but look down at Siqi. I have been waiting for your confession, and now we have.. "Siqi bit her lip:" Even if last night was an accident, I don't regret it, brother Jane, but why don't you speak? " There was infinite grievance in the words, as if Jane Chen did not like the accident. Chien Chen immediately opened his mouth: "I just, just did not react to come over, in my expectation, is to confess to you first, and then slowly, the result is that now the two of us..". I think it's very disrespectful. 。” "So you still like me, right?" Siqi looked at Jane Chen and asked. Chien Chen nodded in Siqi's expectant eyes, but felt that it was particularly difficult to nod, but now he could not figure out why, only felt that, as he said, he was not happy with the accident because it did not meet his psychological expectations. Siqi didn't notice Chien Chen's stiffness. He pulled down Chien Chen's head and kissed her lips. He murmured, "I knew it. I like you, too. Brother Chien Chen, let's be together formally." Chien Chen gave a low hum and responded to Siqi. Two people are not wearing clothes, men are the most impulsive, especially now or in the morning, easy to wipe the gun, so in Siqi's lingering kiss, Jane Chen also gradually indulged in it.. Lin Zhaoyan and the orchestra are completely popular,Service Sink Faucets, whether it is a symphony of traditional instruments or a young instructor, which is enough for people to enjoy talking about, and this has also brought a wave of enthusiasm for learning traditional instruments.