There are holes in the partition wall.

Michiko Tanaka propped her little finger on her cheek and searched her memory. A male guest in her thirties.

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Michiko Tanaka propped her little finger on her cheek and searched her memory. A male guest in her thirties. She was trying to remember which seat she was in. What is his occupation? Michiko Tanaka asked. Pretty good. This is one aspect of the consideration. Usually used to see all kinds of passengers, by the appearance of the guests, can also guess their occupation. It's the bartender at the bar. Long Xiong said so. She tilted her head as if she could not easily judge it. "Have you noticed that there are any restless and flustered people among the passengers?" Long Xiong added another sentence. Michiko Tanaka asked, "Is it someone who has done something bad?" "Yes.". In fact.. He could not say that he was a murderer, so he changed his tune and said, "It's a person who is related to a certain case." Only then did Michiko Tanaka suddenly realize the purpose of their visit with the newspaper's business card. I don't know if I can say he was distracted, "said Michiko Tanaka." There was a passenger who was very anxious to catch the train. Yes, he is in his thirties. Long Xiong and Tamura couldn't help staring at Michiko Tanaka together. Catch the train? "Uh-huh.". He said he wanted to take the 10:10 train from Nagoya. The plane arrived at Komaki airport at 9:30. He asked several times whether the plane would arrive on time and how long it would take to get from Komaki Airport to Nagoya Railway Station by bus. I told him that the bus would take about half an hour. He muttered to himself that it would be better to catch the train. He looked very anxious. "Where is the train for eight Wenkuan?" "He didn't say, so I don't know." "Did it leave Nagoya at ten past ten?" Long Xiong asked again. Thought, just check the train schedule will understand. The two of them took a solemn and passionate leave. Michiko Tanaka sent to the gate. She is a pleasant girl. She is tall and slender, and she will fit well in the uniform of a stewardess. It seems that from yesterday to this morning. It is a great pity that the list has been painstakingly investigated. Could it have been in vain? Tamura sat in the car and said with a wry smile. Where? One point seven wood in vain. Long Xiong comforted him by saying, "Just because you found a pseudonym among the passengers,plastic pallet manufacturer, this credit is not small." "But now there is no way to pursue it any longer." "Check it right now. Hey, find a bookstore and stop the car." "Oh, yes." There is a bookstore within five minutes' walk. The bus stopped and Tamura ran to buy a train timetable. -Nagoya, Nagoya.. "Tamura hurried through the timetable with his short fingers." The Tokaido main line departs from Nagoya to the south. There is a slow train at 22:05, which is five minutes away from the train at 10:10 in the afternoon. It is not this one. It's 22:35 to the north. That's not right at all. Tamura turned to another page. The train on the Kansai line is bound for Kameyama,plastic pallet crates, and it's 22:00. That's not right either, but it's ten minutes short. The only thing left is the central line. Tamura hurriedly turned over a few pages. Soul, Nagoya, Nagulo … ··” Fingers were moving on the timetable, and suddenly his elbow hit Longxiong. Look, this is it. The black fingernails pointed to the dense type on the timetable and handed it to Longxiong. Twenty-two ten. It's a local train. Long Xiong gazed at the timetable, and Tamura's breath blew on his cheek. Yes, this is the train. The central line. Long Xiong nodded and said, "This train is very strange. The terminal is only to Ruilang." "Yes, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet manufacturer, that's where he's going." Tamura counted how many stops there were between Nagoya and the terminal, Ruilang. There are seven main stops. I wonder where he got off? Long Xiong asked with a smile: "Have you decided that he is the prisoner?" "Assume that he is a prisoner." Tamura said that there was nothing to be convinced about this. Anyway, among the passengers on the plane, there must be a person who went to see him off. It seems certain that he is the bartender of Yamamoto, also known as "ticket scalper" Horiguchi. It matches the appearance introduced by Michiko Tanaka. Are there any trains in the future? Seeing Longxiong's question, Tamura's eyes searched the timetable again. Besides, there are two express trains. "Is it?"? So he had to take the twenty-ten local. ” Long Xiong felt that there must be a reason for the man to catch the slow train, so he asked: "Hey, what are the seven stations?" "嗜 . They are Qianzhong, Dazengen, Kasugai, Gaozangji, Tajimi, Shangqijin and Ruilang. Tamura read the name of the station. Nagoya is the next station and the next station. You can go there by city bus or other buses. In fact, if you go by train, you should get off after the third stop. "Yes.". That makes sense. Then focus on these five stations. It's much easier this way. So, let's start with these five stations. "Are you going to investigate?" Long Xiong looked at Tian Cun's tough face. Of course I'm going. Consult with the minister. Nagoya has our branch, but this kind of thing can't be sponsored by those guys in the branch. Tamura said with bright eyes. Long Xiong picked up the timetable and looked at the names of the five stations. Kasugai, Gaozangsi, Tajimi, Shangqijin, Ruilang. Which stop is it? One of the largest stations is Tajimi. Long Xiong wants to take this train to have a look. They are all small rural stations. Maybe he can find some clues by going there. However, unlike Tamura, he had already made up his mind, and his mind was still somewhat uncertain. At 8:30 that evening, the passenger transport section of Tokyo Station received a call from the station. Hello, hello, this is the deputy stationmaster of Gifu Station. You have contacted us about a patient on the No.39 train'Nishikai 'boarding from Tokyo.. Yes, you have worked hard. Have you arrived safely? Asked the station attendant who answered the phone. We waited for a long time and sent two waiters to the platform to pick us up,collapsible pallet bin, but no patients got off. 'What's The matter? Didn't get out of the car? "Yes, the passengers who get off the train are all full of vigor and vitality, and they are all very healthy." The tone of the deputy stationmaster was also discontented.