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I was still sulking alone and turned my head away from him. There was always a small knot in my heart that I couldn't untie.

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I was still sulking alone and turned my head away from him. There was always a small knot in my heart that I couldn't untie. I always felt that Kang was blocking what I wanted to do. He was like a hard and ugly stumbling block blocking my progress. I began to hate him. I was shocked by my willful and stubborn temper. It was the first time since I came to this world that I let my emotions go, just like I was angry with my parents and brothers at home. I was willful and unreasonable. I knew clearly that the other party was for my own good, but I still wanted to be angry with him. I don't know why I feel this way when facing Kang, but my heart is really flowing with such an emotion that even I can't understand. I let the little temper in my heart show its power, slanting my head and not looking at Kang, not to mention that he sat opposite me and poured wine. I also reached out to pick up a jar of wine on the table, lifted the lid on it, lifted the jar with both hands, raised my head and poured it into my mouth. As a result, my hands shook, and the wine in the jar flowed down the corners of my mouth to my clothes, wetting my clothes. The burning wine ran down my throat, and my stomach burned with it. The strong smell of wine filled my nose and made me cough several times. Kang Kui did not care about me, holding the wine jar and drinking fiercely, as if there was a blank space opposite him and no one was there. I got angry again, put the wine jar heavily on the table, and asked him fiercely, "drunkard,Steel investment casting, what else can you do besides drinking?"? Do you have nothing but wine in your eyes? If you drink, will you die if you don't drink today? You can't live without drinking for a day? Kang still held the wine jar in his arms and poured it into his mouth, as if he hadn't heard me at all. I was even more angry. I vented all my uneasiness about not finding the ugly girl on him. "Drunkard, do you have a heart?"? Could it be that your heart was originally a jar of wine, so now you want to feed it with a big jar of wine? Alcoholic, are you still human? Drunkard,CNC machining parts, you are really a kid who grew up in wine. Drunkard, why do you have to drink today? I was simply shouting, as if it was all his fault that I was in a bad mood, as if it was all his fault that I had come to Xixiao. In fact, I subconsciously understand that it must be the liquor I just drank that played a role. Now I'm talking about drunkenness. I'm actually playing drunk. Kang was finally willing to put down the wine jar and looked at me. His bright eyes were suddenly bloodshot and bloodshot. He was tired. "You're right. I was unintentional. Only wine is the only thing in my life.". I don't want anything but wine. He smiled and poured the wine in the jar into the bowl. "Don't you think this wine tastes good?"? Don't you think this wine is the most comforting? He watched me gulp down the wine in my bowl and shouted, "Cool." My head began to feel a little dizzy, and my whole body was very hot and dry. I pushed away a few jars of wine in front of me. "Drunkard, I don't like wine. Really, wine will only ignore and make people more and more confused. I don't want to drink. You can drink by yourself if you want to." I pushed away the wine and stumbled to my feet. I rushed to the window. A gust of wind blew on my face, refreshing and comfortable, like a pair of gentle and affectionate hands, gently touching my face. I leaned against the window, looking down feebly, die cast light housing ,socket screw plug, and saw the bustling crowd on the street, pulling the corners of my mouth, laughing, and asking, "Where am I?"? Where the hell am I? And who am I? Who's me again? But only a softer breeze answered my question, which seemed strange to others. Perhaps I am not drunk, just intoxicated, because it seems to me that Xiluo is about to appear, and finally when the willows are dark and flowers are bright, everything suddenly falls into silence and falls into a worse situation, so I would rather be drunk. With a wry smile, he sat back on the chair. Kang just finished another jar of wine. He looked at me lazily. The fatigue in his eyes had disappeared. He smiled at me. "Girl, if you want to know anything, just ask.". ” Instead, I couldn't laugh and asked him solemnly, "Why are you looking for Xiluo?"? Is there a lack of princesses in Sanwu? Kang Wei shook his head, "There are many princesses in Sanwu, and one is more beautiful than the other. They are forthright and cheerful. They compete with men. They have the same blood as men. They have the same courage and wisdom as men to fight in the battlefield. But they are also proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, but Xiluo is unique." "Why?" I stared at his muddy eyes, which were no longer bright, and asked questions. Because she is the future king of Sanwu and the hope of Sanwu. After saying this, Kang's muddy eyes gradually became clear, and I seemed to see an oriental country with rich people and strong country from his eyes. But I was deeply shocked, Xiluo, the princess of Sanwu, who broke the curse of Xixiao, is the future king of Sanwu and the hope of the future of Sanwu. Do you know these? Plum invites Xiao Yuebai and those who are looking for Xiluo at the same time, do you know? "Why must it be her?" I gripped the edge of the table so tightly that my bones ached. "Kang picked up another jar of wine on the table, held it up with one hand and poured it into his mouth, and a stream of it flowed down the corners of his mouth and into his neck." There is another reason why I must find her. Kang put it slowly on the wine jar in his hand, and then said word by word, "because she is my only sister." Netizens upload chapter 163. Dying curse Kang Kui said he must find Xi Luo, because Xi Luo is his only sister, his eyes flashing tears let me completely believe his words, I suddenly understand his cooperation with Gu Southwest, in fact, he wants to use the power of Gu Southwest to protect the safety of Xi Luo, but I do not understand why he so believe Gu Southwest,die casting parts, just because he is the big prince of Xixiao country, the future emperor? On that day, Kang and I returned to the inn separately. All the people in the inn were talking about the blue sea and the clouds. They gathered together in twos and threes to exaggerate what happened last night.

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